This Bosch water heater is one of the best in the market for individuals or those living in smaller homes who need a great budget product that is easy to move and can provide them with all of the hot water they will need. While this little unit may not be strong enough to keep up with larger demands of families, it is going to do a fantastic job of keeping your home warm and toasty for as long as you need it.

When you are in the market for a water heater, make sure to check the option out from Bosch. It is light, at only 17 pounds, so you are sure to be able to move it around to the right location. In addition, this unit just needs to be plugged into the wall outlet and it is ready to go; no complicated setup that will make you pull your hair out. You do need to remember to plug this in somewhere that is close to your main use to ensure the water stays a consistent heat. Overall, this is a great water heater to add to your home.

The Good About This Product

This product is nice and light so you are able to move it to any location that fits best in your home. This particular water heater comes in at only 17 pounds, making it light enough that most people will be able to carry it around, and move it, any time that they want. You can get this water heater easily in the mail and hook it all up in no time at all.

This mini water heater is great as an addition to your home or if you are dealing with a small area that needs heated water. It only holds four gallons so you won’t be wasting time and energy with a bigger tank than your home needs. For individuals and couples in a small area, this is plenty of water to help you keep warm and toasty in your home.

You won’t have to worry about hard wiring or any complicated set up with this product because all it takes is to plug it into an outlet. Think of how easy this can be! You will be able to just hook in the unit near your water source and you are ready to go. No more complicated machinery that won’t fit together and requires a professional. if you are able to hook in your cell phone charger, you can handle this water heater.

The price is really nice with this product, coming in much lower than what you will find with many of the other options. Since it is a smaller unit compared to most of the others that are able to hold six or more gallons at a time, this one is not going to give you as much in terms of benefits or hot water as some other options. But for those who live on their own and would like a budget friendly hot water heater that is easy to hook up, this can be the perfect option for you.

The Bad About This Product

The tank is not very big, making it difficult to use this product if you have a large home or a lot of people who will be using the hot water all at the same time. Big families and big homes are not going to get along when it comes to this water heater. While the smaller tank might be nice for individuals who live alone and don’t need something quite as big, you have to remember that this is going to be a smaller tank and you will have to make the right adjustments or pick a different one if you need a lot of hot water throughout the day.

Since this unit is so much smaller than some of the others, you will need to make sure that you plug it in close to the highest water usage in your home. Placing it too far away could result in you running out of hot water before you get to use it all that much. It is best to place this unit right next to the places where you plan to use them the most. For example, if your plan is to use this by the bath room the most often, make sure that this water heater is as close to the bathroom as possible so that the small amount of water is able to get to you. If you plan on using a lot of hot water, this one may not be the best option.

Some customers complained that this product was not good at keeping the temperatures consistent throughout the day like some other water heaters. They would sometimes get really hot water and then a few minutes later the hot would all be gone and they were stuck with lukewarm or cold water. When you are relying on hot water from your water heater, such as when you are taking a bath, this lack of consistency can really drive you crazy.

The Final say

This is a great water heater to introduce into your home. For those who are in a smaller area or who don’t use a lot of hot water but would like to have a water heater that is effective and will give them what they need at an affordable price, this is a great option. But you do need to keep in mind that this water heater is only able to hold about 4 gallons of water. For larger families or bigger homes, this is not going to get you very far and you may be disappointed in the amount of hot water you are able to get out of the unit. But if you are dealing with a smaller place or have some time to wait it out, you will find that this is a great water heater for the price.

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